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Teaching Online course

  • Digital curriculum development

A team from Sero Consulting Ltd was contracted by Wey Education to develop an accredited online course leading to a vocational qualification in Teaching Online. This course is now used to train and upgrade the provider’s current and incoming staff, and is also available for other providers to offer.

The course is accredited at level 4 by the Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE) awarding body, under the vocational accrediting scheme in force in England. The course has been approved nationally by OFQUAL and is available on the OFQUAL register.

The aim of this new qualification is to support staff in the education and training sector to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to teach or train in fully online distance learning provision. The qualification will also be useful for those who teach in settings where there is a combination of online and face-to-face delivery known as “blended learning”.

The qualification is worth 12 credits for 120 hours of study, including 38 guided learning hours. The course consists of the following 10 units:

  1. Introduction to online learning and teaching
  2. Planning online teaching
  3. Teaching and learning with synchronous tools
  4. Teaching and learning with asynchronous forums
  5. Selection and use of open content
  6. Online content development
  7. Formative and summative assessment in online learning
  8. Collaborative learning with wikis
  9. Teaching and learning event observation
  10. Self-reflection and self-development for online learning

The assessment tests practical skills (webinars, creating content, collaborative learning, etc) as well as theoretical knowledge of online pedagogies and their application to teaching.

The course was piloted in the summer term of 2019 with a first operational run in autumn 2019.